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Experience and Refinement

Our main business is in providing your brand with a capable manufacturer of fully customized apparel with the perfect fit, feel, and form for your end consumer. We currently provide to multiple sports businesses in the USA that cater to organizations such as sports teams and leagues that require specific designs and sizing.

Wide Variety of Products

We are highly flexible. We are experienced in all kinds of sports such as basketball, football, wrestling and hockey. We have also developed products outside of sports such as fit wear and casual wear.

Pioneer of Multiple Technologies

We pioneered several pieces of sports technology into the local and international apparel market that have become industry standard.

Research and Development

If there is a product that you want, we can work with you to create that. This ranges from the dimensions of the product to a specific fabric that you want created. We make your ideas happen.

Large Workforce

With a workforce that is over 200 people strong, we have the capability to fulfill all our clients.

Dedicated Sales Team

Our dedicated sales team will assist you in a back-and-forth process to bring you exactly what you need.

Long Lasting Business Relationships

We have formed long-term business relationships by accommodating the special requests and circumstances of our clients, in terms of customization or timeliness. We will work with you.

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